2006 will be a year of opening up to the outside world. We need to prepare for new prospects in a global environment where competition is now worldwide. Alumni, like the School, will have to open up and take part in this debate, which takes several forms: the future of the School and the future of its graduates. The Alumni Association has decided to play a full part in this environment, and to equip itself with the tools it needs to be present wherever alumni can express their talents. This is how ENSAE Alumni was born, the international side of our association, with a new website and a new brochure in English, which will be enriched by new content. We are one of the few associations to have an interactive English-language interface, particularly for recruiters. New services for our members are being developed both abroad (E-New York, E-Asia, refocusing of E-London) and in France (Commission Carrière, etc.). And there are still the now well-established services: E-revue, Club Finance, Mobilités, mails for life, which are explained in a new guide, accessible on the site...So it's time to pay your dues and update your contact details to receive a new, even more comprehensive

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