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Since 1976, Ensae Alumni, the association of statisticians and economists graduated by the ENSAE ParisTech, has enlarged and strengthened. Over the past few years, the association has worked towards tightening links with other renowned Alumni networks, helping alumni finding jobs and career opportunities and promoting the ENSAE public image, as well as well as its diploma and its values either in France or abroad.

The ENSAE : the mathematics of excellence

The ENSAE is a French “grande ecole”, member of ParisTech, mostly dedicated to Economics, Statistics, Insurance and Finance. As a scientific school belonging to the French Ivy League, it delivers a twofold curriculum in Economics and Statistics requiring top skills in mathematics. This training leads to various specializations in statistics, economic policy, industrial and product market competition economics, insurance or finance.

Professors are recruited among world famous academics and renowned professionals. Therefore, students may learn the theoretical foundations of models and apply tools and methods with a practical vision. Given the ENSAE opens to the World and benefits from an unchallenged prestige, ENSAE graduates willing to complete their training abroad are quite able to follow Master classes or start a PhD in the most prestigious American or European universities.

Most ENSAE graduate start their careers on R&D or consulting jobs in the following sectors: quantitative finance, asset management, actuary and insurance, economic analysis, statistics and research departments.They reach positions of managing directors either in executive divisions (22% of ENSAE alumni are CEO), or in finance, management and legal branches (15%) or in R&D departments (14%).

ENSAE graduates’ medium gross wages rank fourth among French “Grandes Ecoles” and Universities Graduates start at an annual median salary of 35/40k€ and reach 40/46k€ within 3 years. Source: Capital-Hewitt Survey 2004.

The ENSAE Alumni Association :


A vivid network


A web site for alumni


Promoting the ENSAE public image as well as its diploma


Strong connections between students and alumni


 A vivid network

Online and paperback edition of the Alumni Directory

Since 1985, ENSAE Alumni has released a yearly directory. It represents first a major link between alumni. It is also a major tool for headhunters and recruiters to check for Ensae Alumni. To purchase the paperback edition or ask for an access to the full version of the online directory.

Alumni Reviews

Variances: is a quarterly review (5000 copies) dedicated to the careers of our alumni. It reaches alumni as well as recruiters.

Each edition includes a state of the art on a specific issue (finance, environmental risks, ageing, cities and urban development, asian markets, quantitative analysis). Also, the editorial board promotes focuses on a wide range of careers through interviews of managers in business services or administrations
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E-Review (E-Revue): Many research papers from our alumni are edited in French or international reviews. The ENSAE Alumni association collects these articles and edits new working papers or publications in economics, finance, statistics, econometrics and public policy

Download previous editions (in French)

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Local Networks around the world

Most of our alumni work in France or in Europe, but a growing part of ENSAE graduates get jobs in America and in Asia. E-London, E-NewYork, E-Dubai and E-Asia provide local support and organise local events for the Ensae alumni.

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A web site dedicated to our alumni

The Ensae Alumni web site provides personal services to students and alumni (lifelong e-mail address, news, events, clubs and groups, information…). It offers also comprehensive job services (online job posts, recruiters entry, Resume directory, etc.), both for recruiters and alumni.
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Promoting the ENSAE public image as well as its diploma

Public Relations and Communication
 : promoting both via press relations and special events the ENSAE public image is one of our priority. ENSAE staff and alumni co-operate to promote the diploma and improve the school curriculum to keep in touch with both the top scientific requirements and the utmost professional criteria.
Download the booklet : « ENSAE Alumni: the mathematics of excellence »

ENSAE Solidaire: is a twin association aiming to provide financial and logistic support to special projects, which are initiated and conducted by alumni or students. They must   mainly be focused on development, education or solidarity issues.

A link between students and alumni

ENSAE Alumni gives the opportunity to confront its career with the experience of other alumni. E-contact is a pool of graduates ready to share their knowledge of a company, a business, a country or any specific field… Each alumnus (a) can contact them and benefit from their experience and professional skills. Besides, students are invited to meet freshly graduated alumni and talk about their first experiences in various industries thanks to special meetings.
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ENSAE Alumni provides grants and fundings for students and alumni facing personal difficulties. The association also finances students’ activities and events (Job Forum, Clubs and Teams…). Besides, ENSAE Alumni organizes each year a graduation ceremony and delivers a prize to the best research dissertation or article and helps to submit it to top academic reviews.