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London Calling

01 novembre 2003
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Last spring, we decided to focus on London in Variances 23, to emphasise e-London take-off. I must confess that, for me, things became more complicated when we bet to deepen our "100% British" approach and to extend it to our Journ. First, I was afraid, I was petrified. Being a fervent supporter of Debating implies you can bear noising crowds of supporters and appreciate unbelievable examples of what French call "mauvaise foi". Not you can write nor speak -nor even understand- English. But there is no mountain high enough for Variances committee, and here is the proof, despite remaining - and probably awful, all apologies in advance - language mistakes.

Now, all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey, but we've been for a walk on summer's days and we have some short stories to tell you about it, stories of former ENSAE pupils who successfully wandered in The City. Eryck Rebbouh, our Tête d'affiche is one of them.

"Alumni" is a widespread term in the most famous American campus, such as Stanford or Yale, which identifies former students, just as ASTEC members are. That is why the "Big Eight" regatta we are building is called Alumni's Cup. It is speaking words of wisdom (let it be) to encourage you to pay attention to this event, due to its final goal: a fight for Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque. Beyond the regatta, far beyond sport, supporters, fame and glory, Alumni's Cup is a matter of heart, a matter of life for ill children. But Russell Coutts would say: "Aboard, it is always a matter of heart, and there is no excuse to lose".

Fabien Toutlemonde


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