Welcome to E-London, the portal for Ensae in the UK.

Whether you've been living in the UK for a long time, or are planning to move there in the future, E-London is here to share information and opportunities with our network of alumni based in the UK and Ireland. E-London should also make it easier for you to find us. Over 250 Ensae live in the UK, most of them in London.

In everyone's interest, please update your contact details on, so that the data in the "Le Réseau" section and our mailing list will be all the more accurate. E-London gives alumni the opportunity to share their experiences with anyone thinking of studying or working in the UK. Today's Testimonials section retraces the career paths of three Ensae alumni, each in their own sector, to tell you more about their motivations, their activities and the institutions in which they have worked.


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313 results

SEA, 2011
Royaume Uni
SEA, 2011
Senior Manager Data Science and Analytics, Expedia Group
SEA, 2006
Deutsche Bank
SEA, 2013
Statistics unit leader, Department for Transport (DfT), United Kingdom
Ingénieur, 2025 (étudiant)
SEA, 2009
Assistant Professor, Stanford University
SEA, 2008
ministère fédéral de l'environnement (Allemagne) et Ambassade de l'Allemagne à Washington DC
SEA, 2002
ERC Quant, Credit Suisse

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