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The stock market: a new Santa Claus?

01 May 2003
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Having surveyed all possible beginnings, this page remained blank, immaculate like few conceptions. One April evening, I went to a friend's house for a very good coq au vin dinner, hoping that ideas would come to me like water in the mouth. Alas, one of the guests jumped up and down, saying: "And Bush, why don't you talk about Bush? My arms dropped in embarrassed silence.

That's where the aphonia comes from, from the imprint of the evils of this cursed spring that brings so many depressing words into fashion: falling stock market, propaganda, carpet-bombing, rebounding stock market (sic!), rising unemployment, falling stock market again. War. Nothing to justify anything other than a stunned silence.

Or rather: three portraits. The one of this former student turned classical music composer at the Villa Medicis in Rome, or those of these two very different women brought together by the same solar temperament. These few glimpses of the dark side bring a few grams of finesse to this world of brutes, and a real light to this issue.



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A quoi sert la bourse ? Pierre-Marie DEBREUILLE, (ENSAE 1999),
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De l’ENSAE à la Villa Medicis Fabien LEVY, musicien à la Villa Medicis à Rome